6 Myths of Backyard Pods, Offices & Granny Flats.


With all the excitement that comes with unlocking the possibilities of modular homes, backyard offices, studios and granny flat pods, there can also be a niggling sense of apprehensiveness, doubt and at times confusion.

At ModnPods we absolutely understand the hesitation. What we offer is cutting edge, it is unheard of premium quality and it is unique, so we fully appreciate that you will have questions and we want you to! We understand the need to have the complete picture before saying ‘yes!’ to a purchase or investment so we are here to answer any question you have. And we’re also here to crack wide open any stigmas surrounding the modular, prefabricated housing movement by busting the top 6 myths we hear all too often:

1.Getting approvals for a Backyard Pod is hard, tedious and takes a long time.

Definitely not at ModnPods! We have our own in-house certifier that takes care of all the approvals for you. After establishing where the Pod will be positioned on your property, a Site Plan will be created and we can have Building Approval within just 48 hours!

For those within 200km of the Gold Coast, we execute a comprehensive in-house build, install and council approval process – an offering unique to ModnPods! We can also easily ship outside of this radius too! We simply provide you with all certifications and an Easy Install Guide and work with a local certifier to assist in the approval process.

From the time you finalise your design selection and the deposit is received, a very competitive 8-week build time will commence. Your ModnPod will be manufactured entirely on-site at our Gold Coast warehouse before being delivered to you.

2. Backyard Pods aren’t an attractive rental income.

This is very far from the truth! With limited land to build on in most rural areas in Australia, backyard pods, office pods and granny flats are increasingly becoming a hot commodity.

A ModnPod is the high-quality answer to that dream of owning a private backyard guest house for family and friends, a holiday rental, your own sleek home office or studio. They generate fantastic income for both short and long-term rentals and tenants love how cozy, comfortable and convenient they are!  

3. Backyard Pods aren’t a good investment.

Very false! Secondary dwellings offer great rental income and increase your property value whether it’s a backyard office or a studio complete with a kitchen and bath. Think about it, if your main dwelling is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home, you now have the option of adding a backyard pod without the through-the-roof costs and hassle of home renovations or extensions. It is proven that buyers are heavily attracted to a council approved granny flat on property. 

4. Backyard Pods are cheap and low quality.

This is the most upsetting myth to hear but is also our favourite as it energises our mission to spread awareness of the incredible qualities and benefits of alternative housing! 

Each of our Pods is architecturally designed and manufactured at our off-the-grid warehouse on the Gold Coast, Queensland with the health and wellbeing of the planet and the people always at the forefront.

One of our standout advantages is that all ModnPod units are Passive House Certified (one of the highest certifications in energy efficient construction) with the ability to upgrade to BAL 40 (Highest Fire Rating) and Cyclonic 4 (Highest Wind Rating).

We strongly believe in delivering a premium product with low embodied energy, which is why 95% of our materials are manufactured in Australia with priority given to suppliers located closest to our Gold Coast warehouse.

Here’s a breakdown to bust that myth!

Australian Made

  • 85% of the materials used in constructing a ModnPod are manufactured right here in Australia.

  • Each Pod is built entirely in Australia.

Passive House Standards

  • We are the only company on the market that builds to Passive House Standards and operates within the only Passive House Certified factory warehouse that operates entirely off-the-grid in the southern hemisphere. 

  • Building to these standards increases energy efficiency while you enjoy up to 80%off on your gas and electricity bill! 

  • It also promotes continuous insulation, thermal efficiency and effective ventilation.

Sustainability Focus

  • Each ModnPod boasts a sustainable design, zero waste build and low carbon footprint.

  • To limit the depletion of natural resources, each product/material used has been carefully considered in its entire lifecycle to ensure it is either recycled, recyclable or originates from renewable sources. 

  • 70% of products used are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

Health + Wellbeing

  • A ModnPod design promotes stable indoor temperatures, a fresh, healthy indoor environment and cleaner air with less toxins, dust, pollens and allergens.

5. It’s hard to secure finance for your Backyard Pod.

Not all financial institutions are aware of the changing needs of your living requirements, so it’s important to choose a lender that has experience in granny flat financing. Luckily, at ModnPods we have our own in-house financing team. We have teamed up with Credit One to give you access to the most comprehensive range of finance and insurance products available in the market. All you have to do is complete the online form {insert link} and we will contact you within 24 hours.  

6. The design process is long and complex.

Not at ModnPods – we have 4 designs that are fully engineered, factory-built and ready to go! Our unit options are 4m, 6m, 8m and 12m in length and all 3.5m wide. Each ModnPod is entirely factory-built and fully equipped with the essentials, meaning there are no sneaky hidden costs and you don’t experience the delays that are typically faced by traditional onsite builds.

Our unique approach saves you TIME – we have taken care of the designing, engineering and certification phases for you. We take pride in being a one-stop-shop and are excited to offer our community a ready-to-go product as we have already done the groundwork for you!