Backyard Pods Satisfy Our Craving for Space.

Backyard Pods- ModnPods

The magic of a ModnPod lies in its versatility.

The last two years have undoubtedly shaken-up the way we live and work, and as we spend more time at home than ever before, our craving for space and fresh surroundings grows.

The pressures of homeschooling and working from home have placed unprecedented demands on usual family dynamics and working environments. Many Australians are having to navigate unfamiliar waters as the lines blur between homelife and careers.

Spending hours upon hours a day within the same four walls can not only stifle productivity and creativity leaving you feeling suffocated and uninspired, it can really play with the health of your mind. Changing up our surroundings and freshening up our spaces can be magic for our wellbeing.

So at a time when we are yearning to break free from the monotony of stay-at-home life; when we crave inspiration and productivity in our remote work; when bolstering income requires creativity; and when the health of our loved ones is more important than ever, ModnPods is delivering the solution.

A ModnPod is the sustainable, premium-quality answer to that dream of owning a private backyard guest house, a holiday or Airbnb rental, a own sleek home office or even a multi-unit development.

We provide a complete end-to-end solution from in-person site visits (within 150km of the Gold Coast) to obtaining council approval right through to shipping and installation. As an approved structure, your pod increases the value of your home and can be included as part of your home insurance

Backyard Pod- ModnPods

How does owning a Backyard Pod benefit you? What can I use a backyard pod for?

The magic of a ModnPod lies in its flexibility. With varying configurations, certified to Passive House Standards and crafted using only the highest-grade Australian materials, a ModnPod’s possibilities beyond our warehouse walls are endless.

Home Office

A fresh, sleek backyard office pod allows you to escape the hustle of your main dwelling to a dedicated workspace of privacy and reduced distraction, ultimately boosting motivation and productivity. 

Teenage Retreat

We’re seeing a rise in parents opting for modular backyard homes to give their teenage or young adult children a living option disconnected from the main home while holding onto the safety and security of the family unit. Oozing privacy and security, a fully-equipped ModnPod is the perfect home away from home to encourage independence and optimise space.

Sanctuary for Grandparents

Imagine the peace of mind of providing your parents with a modular backyard home to call their very own while living out their golden years. Backyard Pods offer homeowners the opportunity to provide elderly loved ones an aesthetically-pleasing, self-sufficient sanctuary while also keeping them close enough for the assurity of safety and wellbeing. 

Guest House

We’re now seeing homeowners excited to invest in modular builds to use as a granny flat-style backyard oasis for visiting family and friends. A premium, sustainably-built backyard studio not only gifts your visitors with privacy and a sense of freedom, but also a unique new accommodation experience.

Rental Opportunity

Backyard pod homes, office pods and granny flats are increasingly becoming a hot commodity as they generate fantastic income for both short and long-term rentals including Airbnb. 


How do you become a ModnPod owner?

I want creative freedom, is a ModnPod for me?

Absolutely! Our team provides you with a blueprint, giving you the power to write your own ModnPod story.

Each unit features an Open Plan design with our suite boasting multiple pod sizes including 4M, 6M, 8M and 12M Long by 3.5M, 4M and 4.5M Wide. You have the option to add a Kitchen + Bath on larger units along with a range of options for tapware, sink colours and finishes – the configuration is up to you!

You will work closely with our creative experts to help decide on the perfect pod size and layout for your dream space. Then it’s time to let your imagination run wild with our series of custom upgrades including a deck, awning, solar package, island bench, acoustic panels and keyless entry.


How do I become an owner of a ModnPod?

If you’re within 150km of the Gold Coast, we conduct a site inspection then begin the Approval and Install Process which is all taken care of entirely in-house. From the time you finalise your design selection and the deposit is received, a competitive 10-week build time will commence.

Out of this radius? The beauty of a ModnPod’s prefabricated flexibility is that we can easily ship to anywhere in Australia and provide you with an Easy Install Guide and work with a local certifier of your choice. We will be with you every step of the way.

Why is ModnPods ahead of the modular game?

Here’s a brief snapshot of how we do things differently around here:

  • A One Stop Shop Investment

Our unique approach saves you TIME + MONEY – we have already taken care of the designing, engineering and certification phases for you. 

  • Our Quicker Turnaround = Quicker Return On Investment

We pride ourselves on our competitive 8-week turnaround.

  • Reduced Production Delays 

Our units are built entirely in our Gold Coast factory guaranteeing no production delays. Each pod is delivered fully equipped – we don’t flat-pack!

  • No Hidden Costs

Our pods boast all the essentials not just the framing, including all electrical, plumbing, flooring, internal linings and certifications. For your peace of mind, we quote a guaranteed fixed price so there are no surprises!

  • We Ship Australia Wide

We can deliver your ModnPod anywhere in the country, including major cities like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

  • We Are Dedicated To Sustainability 

We actually talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to sustainability. In fact, our business model is written with our planet in mind! We’re the only modular company in Australia that builds to Passive House Standards (Energy Efficiency) and we use 90% Australian premium materials with 70% fully recyclable at the end of their life.

Adaptable in its architecture, a ModnPod is designed to serve you. Your ModnPod takes on the life you choose.

Reach out today to begin unlocking the potential of your own backyard office pod or modular home. Our team of experts is excited to chat with you.