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Multi-Unit Accommodation.

Multi-Unit accommodation and caravan parks have evolved over the years and we’re now seeing another shift, an exciting move towards being more inclusive of the premium traveller. Caravan parks are now looking to expand their accommodation suite to feature a more premium offering. We’re talking premium not just in a sleek, modern, comfortable sense, but we’re also talking premium as a healthier, more sustainable accommodation option.

Multi-unit developers are beginning to explore this premium market and ModnPods is delivering the solution – a high-quality, sustainable, Australian-made cabin for multi-unit accommodation providers such as wineries, caravan parks and retreat destinations. A multi-unit development by ModnPods unlocks a world of possibilities, attracting those travellers who yearn to sleep, stay and play in nature without forgoing the creature comforts.

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Commercial Modular Homes.

Why the shift to premium cabins for caravan parks?

People nowadays are asking more questions. The health of themselves, their families, and the planet is top of mind.

People are hungry for knowledge so they can feel confident and morally-sound in their choices. They’re asking about a business’s environmental footprint, they want to show support through buying Australian-made products and they want to make the healthiest decisions for their families.

And businesses, like caravan parks, are really listening. We’re seeing a rise in holiday parks looking to adopt a healthy, sustainable model that celebrates a holistic accommodation offering.

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How can ModnPods elevate your caravan park?

We are innovators in healthy, modular living, not just for sleek backyard homes and office dwellings, but also for commercial multi-unit developments including cabins for caravan and holiday parks, wineries, and tiny home projects.

A ModnPods multi-unit suite can take your caravan or holiday park to the next level by increasing customer desirability, increasing sustainability status, and ultimately increasing park traffic and profitability.

Each pod features an enviable interior fit-out with an open plan design, while the larger designs have the option to add a kitchen + bath. You just tell us your vision and we work with you to design your unique multi-pod development.

Think of investing in a ModnPods line-up as a refurb with a healthy, sustainable touch – an upgrade oozing a premium yet down-to-earth vibe.

Tides are changing in the holiday park space – and for the better. And at ModnPods, we are fully equipped to ensure your business is ahead of the game, by designing and bringing to life a healthier and more profitable future for your business.

What makes caravan pods unique?

Caravan prefab pods are the unique solution for any kind of housing need. For short term getaway trips, our portable caravan pods provide a luxurious, affordable escape that everyone will love.

Whether it’s a family adventure, work retreat, or school trip, our portable caravan park units are versatile for a range of uses. At ModnPods, you can also choose from many different designs and configurations to suit your preference. Besides the comfortable, luxurious pod experience, ModnPods provide a range of benefits:

  • Made on the Gold Coast with 90% Australian materials 
  • 70% recyclable 
  • Maintains cleaner air and keeps out toxins, allergens, pollen, and dust
  • Manufactured without toxic or harmful materials
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Constructed from sustainable materials 
  • Versatile 

Pod designs


Built for minimalism and simplicity, The Point is our smallest pod design, but it’s cosy and comfortable, measuring up at 4m, by 3.5m or 4.5m. This pod design provides the ideal space to relax and unwind.

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This versatile design is medium-sized at 6m by 3.5m or 4.5m and allows you to choose the same internal fit-outs as The Pass and The King.

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With dimensions of 8m by 3.5m or 4.5m, this spacious pod design offers the perfect living space in a caravan park.

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The King design is the biggest out of all the pod designs, with measurements of 12m by 3.5m or 4.5m. While still simple but way more spacious, it provides all the basic amenities of a home even within four walls.

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About ModnPods

WIth ModnPods’ mission is to reduce our carbon footprint, sustainability is woven throughout our entire pod process including design, fabrication, and installation.

pride ourselves on being influential leaders in the sector, with innovative design and construction techniques that have never been seen before. ModnPods has been proudly recognised by Urban List, Arch Magazine, Business News Australia, and Three Balls Red. Head to our About Us page to learn more about the ModnPods team and our philosophy.  

Why choose ModnPods as your prefab pod builder?

ModnPods is a leader in the industry of pod building. Manufactured right on the Gold Coast, we can guarantee that our pods are of the highest quality.

They’re made using 90% Australian premium materials, with 70% of them being recyclable when it’s at the end of their life. When you choose to work with us, we listen to your every need so you can rest assured that we’ll find a one-of-a-kind solution to fit your preferences. We also pride ourselves on having a set price, with no hidden costs. What you see is what you get, and inclusive of every feature that you’re looking for.

Some of our clients


  • Caravan parks

  • Holiday parks

  • Wineries

  • Venues

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