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Design Principles.

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We employ 6 core criteria when designing & building our pods.


We strongly believe in delivering a premium product which is why close to 90% of the materials used in constructing a ModnPod are manufactured right here in Australia. We are committed to supporting the Australian economy not only through harnessing local jobs but by ensuring our community invests in alternate living spaces of the highest quality requiring less maintenance. Where products cannot be sourced from Australian manufacturers, we endeavour to support 100% Australian owned companies who reinvest back into the local economy.


We prioritise suppliers who are located closest to our manufacturing base on the Gold Coast to help reduce the embodied energy of each ModnPod. Not only does this soften our environmental footprint, it has the added benefit of supporting our local community to create a more sustainable business environment.

We see this as the way moving forward for the future of doing business in a more efficient and sustainable way. 


To limit the depletion of natural resources so we maintain an ecological balance, each product/material selected to build our ModnPods have been carefully considered. We want to ensure our suppliers are just as committed to reducing their environmental impact as we are therefore materials are considered on their entire lifecycle to ensure they are either recycled, recyclable or originate from renewable sources.


Many products we have sourced have been manufactured using recycled materials and some even possess the properties to be completely recycled at the end of their life. Advancements in manufacturing technologies has seen a wider range of these sustainable products become available here in Australia. An example of this healthier offering is the material we use for our bench tops and shower lining which is made from 100% recycled glass with the capability of being fully recycled at the end of its life.


The health and wellbeing of the occupants of our ModnPods has and always will be a main priority. The spaces we live and work in can be a major player in the quality of both our short and long term health which is why we are committed to reducing our use of toxic or hazardous materials in manufacturing. All painting and coatings are no VOC, carpets are 100% pure wool to aid allergy sufferers while all materials and surfaces have been selected to ensure easy cleaning creating a healthy, easily-maintained space.


We also apply these principles to how we operate our own manufacturing facility. Any tools or consumables used in the manufacturing process are sourced as locally as possible, including our marketing paper from sustainably sourced forests, the solar energy we use to power our workshops and our main water source which is filtered rainwater harvested onsite.

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