The Exciting World of Passive House Standards

Pod House- ModnPods

ModnPods was founded upon strong ethical values. And one of our standout advantages is that all ModnPod units are built to Passive House Standards – that is, one of the highest standards in energy efficient construction. 

ModnPods is the only modular company in the Australian market that builds to Passive House Standards. We also operate within the only Passive House Certified factory warehouse in the southern hemisphere that operates entirely off-the-grid. Certification is achieved by a third-party verification to keep designers and builders accountable.

What is Passive House?

A revolutionary, sustainability-focused style of build – or simply put, the World’s Leading Building Standard!

It’s actually a German certification deriving from the word Passivhaus. 

In a nutshell, Passive House is synonymous with ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling creating healthy, super comfortable living and working spaces.

Passive House Certification is not limited to residential homes but is also used for backyard pods, granny flats and office spaces. 

All of our backyard modular homes, granny flats and office pods are designed and built to Passive House Standards on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

In order to achieve Passive House Certification you must achieve all 5 Key Elements:

  1. Quality Glazing

  2. Thermal Efficiency

  3. Air Tightness

  4. Continuous Insulation 

  5. Ventilation  

From design details all the way through to airtightness, tests are conducted both during and after construction. 

Why should you care that your ModnPod is built to Passive House Standards?

From catastrophic bushfire season to now living with COVID-19, there’s no denying the year 2020 has forced our health and wellbeing to the forefront. As focus on the climate crisis intensifies, we are now placing higher importance on the health of not only ourselves but also our planet.

The goal of Passive House is to increase a building or dwelling’s energy efficiency and reduce its ecological footprint while simultaneously creating for you a healthier and cleaner living or working space. 

Would you love a space that boasts a long, durable building life, healthy light-filled spaces and supreme levels of clean comfort? 

Is low heating/cooling bills and premium indoor air quality important to you?

Are you keen to reduce your own carbon footprint but are unsure where to start?

If YES to any of these questions, then a Passive House ModnPod is your answer!


 A quick snapshot of the incredible benefits will you reap!

  • Lifetime Energy Savings – ultra low energy consumption (up to 80% off on your gas and electricity bill!)

  • Future Proofed – significantly lower carbon emissions

  • Unreal Comfort – continuous insulation, set temperatures and humidity all year round

  • Indoor Air Quality – effective ventilation, filtered fresh air (no cold or hot draughts!)

  • Healthier Home – less dust, pollens + allergens

  • A Quiet Haven – highly reduced noise levels

  • Long Service Life – retains its value


Why do we champion a Passive House future for the building industry?

ModnPods is committed to paving a new, more sustainable way for the Australian building industry. We strongly believe in delivering a premium product with low embodied energy – a commitment will not deter from.

ModnPods’ main focus is to change the direction of building in Australia as subpar building practices are currently still being used which include:

·   Poor insulation detailing

·   Uncontrolled thermal bridging

·   Low quality windows

·   Vapour barriers that lead to punctures

Then to counteract these outdated techniques and materials, homeowners are then out-of-pocket having to purchase air-conditioners and heaters to make up for all of that energy loss!