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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use a ModnPod for?

A ModnPod is a high-quality answer to that dream of owning a private backyard guest house for family and friends, a holiday rental, your own sleek home office or even for a multi-unit development. At 3.5m to 4M wide with varying internal configurations and crafted using only the highest-grade materials, a ModnPod’s possibilities beyond our warehouse walls are endless.

Do you build your pod on site?

No. Your pod is built and fully prefabricated in our local Australian factory. As soon as it arrives on your premises, it’s ready to go!

Can my ModnPod be installed on a sloped surface?

Absolutely. We have installed many ModnPods on uneven surfaces.

What selections can I choose from?

Multiple, we have a fantastic set of products to choose from, ranging from different styles to colours, whether it’s external cladding or choosing what colour tiles works best for your bathroom. Please head over to our products page and check out your options. If you need a hand, we have a creative team to sit with you to decide what options perfectly fit what you are looking for.

Do you offer council approval and install?

Yes we do, if you live in Queensland within 150 kilometres of the Gold Coast, we can do the full install and council approval. Council approval we can do anywhere in the state of Queensland. If you are outside the state of Queensland we can work with your local certifier and local builder on the installation.

What if I am out of your installation range?

No need to worry. With your help, we will find a local builder that can install the groundwork, which includes piers, electrical and plumbing connections. The good news is we have the engineering plans ready for the builder ( Installer ), which layout the exact pier system after you have done a soil report and site plan. ModnPods will happily work with the installer on the project to ensure the delivery and installation are successful.

How is the Pod installed?

Pods installation is a three step process. Step one is onsite works; this involves footing installation ( different options available ) and electrical and plumbing in ground works. Step two; Is the site delivery and craning of your new pod onto the footings. Step three; connection of the plumbing and electrical to the pod itself. Any deck or awning options are also connected to the pod at this time. Because everything is prefabricated, minimal time is spent onsite helping you to enjoy your pod sooner with less trades and mess onsite.

What materials do you use and where are they built?

We strongly believe in delivering a premium product which is why at least 85% of the materials used in constructing a ModnPod are manufactured and sourced right here in Australia. The materials finishes inside and outside the Pod reflects our love of all things sustainable, natural and healthy.We are committed to supporting the Australian economy not only through harnessing local jobs but by ensuring our community invests in alternative living spaces of the highest quality. All ModnPods are built right here at our warehouse on the Gold Coast.

How are they delivered and how much does delivery cost?

The units are delivered on a flatbed truck, shrink wrapped and tied down for safety to ensure successful delivery. Costs for delivery are dependent on your location, it’s easy for us to give you a price so don’t hesitate to ask!

Are the Pods customisable?

Yes. We have multiple sizes at 4M, 6M, 8M and 12M long by 3.5M to 4M. These can be configured in either a left or right hand orientation. You can select a bathroom or kitchen or both with options for tapware and sink colours and finishes. For a bit more information, head over to the Pods section and check out the various interior and exterior designs options.

What is the time frame on build and delivery?

From the date of your deposit we will build and deliver your pod in 10 weeks. When we start building your pod we communicate with you and the install team to ensure everything is ready onsite as soon as the pod is finished. This ensures you can use and enjoy your pod as soon as possible!

What is included in the Pod?

Simply put, everything. We pride ourselves on no hidden costs, and your pod is delivered fully equipped and ready to connect. Our mission is not to provide only the framing and walls but deliver the pod completely done to minimise any onsite work. Basically, we don’t flat pack anything. What you see is what you get. For your peace of mind, the price we quote is a guaranteed fixed price, so there are no surprises.

Do you have different styles?

Yes, we have four set sizes but multiple variations of internal layouts. For example, you can choose a kitchen, bathroom and island or just select one of those three. All our plans are right here for you to choose from. So you first find a size you like that suits the footprint you need, then select an internal layout. From there, we are off.

How do I know if the Pod will fit on my property?

Great Question. So we get this a lot, and being respectful, we need your address. Most send the city they are in; we can’t do anything with that. To speed the process up, send over the address and location of where you want the pod, and we are off to the races. From there we can give our recommendations to what works with your local city council.

Are there any upgrades?

Yes, there are. Listed below are the fantastic upgrades. Deck 1200 by 3600 Awning 1200 by 3600 Deck & Awning Wrap Full Package Solar Package Island Bench Acoustic Panels Keyless Entry

What kind of warranty comes with the Pods?

7 year structural warranty 1 year on fixtures Manufacturer’s warranty on 3rd party items (hot water heater, air-conditioning)

If I am out of the install range what paperwork does ModnPods provide?

ModnPods supplies all the certifications related to the Pod (Internal electrical, plumbing and structural). ModnPods will team up with your local installer, and submit paperwork to a chosen certifier. If you are in QLD we can use our in house certifier.

Can you build multiple units for developments such as holiday parks/caravan parks?

Yes, we 100% can. If you are a holiday, caravan park or just a boutique resort, we can accommodate multiple units with the same build time of 10 weeks if it’s an order of ten or less. Anything over ten pods, we ask for additional time. ModnPods number one focus is you, the customer, and ensure all our Pods are delivered to the highest quality standards.

What level of customisation do you offer?

Yes, we have multiple levels and broken it down to make it simple for you. First, you choose the size of Pod you are looking for, whether it’s 4, 6, 8 or 12 meter Pod. From there, you decide if you want a right or left-hand window reveal on the front. Once the size and window reveal is chosen, you can select your internal layout. We provide multiple interior options for each Pod. Then we are off to picking your colours and selections for the inside. ModnPods has worked overtime to make sure the process is simple for you.

Are they BAL or Cyclonic rated?

BAL and Cyclonic options are available. We are happy to discuss these options and assess your site to ensure the pod is built to the right specifications.

What makes ModnPods unique?

ModnPods are completely prefabricated in-house. So we offer guaranteed and consistent timeframes, product quality and a fixed price with no extra costs. Each ModnPod is architecturally designed and built to passive house standards. We provide a complete end-to-end solution from in-person site visits (within 150km of the Gold Coast) to obtain council approval right through shipping and installation. With full council approval, As an approved structure, the pod then increases the value of your home and can be included as part of your home insurance.

Why choose a modular factory build?

Each of our designs are entirely factory-built, meaning we don’t experience the delays that are typically faced by traditional onsite builds. Not only is a factory build far more efficient, but it also allows for the freedom to ship anywhere in the country. Learn about our efficient and simple approval and install process.

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