Find your freedom – The Zero Pod – Off The Grid

Living off the grid is a dream of many that has always seemed a little outlandish and almost impossible, yet at the same time, wildly enticing. It has often been seen as a dream reserved only for the free-spirited hippies and the earthy souls.

For a long time, living off the grid has been this unattainable fantasy. But new technologies, product development in the sustainability space and greater visions for a healthier planet are seeing off grid living becoming a real possibility. 

The design genius behind ModnPods has curated an epic new pod, The Zero Pod. A sustainably ambitious modular pod that allows you to live fully off the grid!

We’re talking:

  • Generating and storing your own clean “energy” vs electricity
  • Collecting and treating rainwater 
  • Treating and distributing grey and black water
  • Treating and dealing with waste
  • Reducing energy/water use and minimising waste

So, what does living off the grid actually mean?

The “grid” is essentially the centralised services that we rely on for day-to-day life in cities and towns. Most of us survive by being dependent on utilities that are on the grid – electricity, sewage, water and waste disposal. Therefore, off grid dwellings are those that have become self-sufficient from mains services and “legacy infrastructure”.

Imagine the freedom of being entirely self-sufficient. Knowing you can live independently from society ties while harvesting your own fresh drinking water, growing your own produce, reducing living costs and softening your footprint on the earth.

Off gridding really is that rich, wholesome dream way of life many of us crave in this modern world.

ModnPods has crafted The Zero Pod with a skilful blend of passive and environmentally sustainable design methods, products and materials. Featuring all the sustainable elements of our current ModnPod suite, we have really upped the ante by including:

  • Solar Panels and RedEarth Off Grid Batteries
  • EcoFlo Waterless Compost Toilet
  • EcoFlow Water Treatment System
  • Rainwater Tank with UV Filtration

The Zero Pod isn’t limited to out-of-the-box dreamers in the residential space, this modular powerhouse is also opening up a world of possibilities for the commercial market as businesses seek out remote locations for office spaces or to boost their sustainability performance.

So what is the attraction to going off the grid?

  • Commitment to environmental and sustainability reasons – being self-sufficient allows you to minimise your impact on the planet.
  • To break free from the “shackles of society” – to succumb to the freedom of not relying on public utilities.
  • Living/working in a remote area can mean connecting to the grid isn’t possible or the cost just isn’t viable. 
  • In a commercial sense, to meet the needs/wants of the environmentally-aligned consumer – it’s about doing the right thing by the planet and by your consumer.

The Zero Pod is fully equipped with a reliable and robust off-grid power system by Queensland’s RedEarth Energy Storage including state of the art solar panelling so you can generate your own electricity. Your precious energy is then stored in and distributed throughout your dwelling by either the epic Black Max or Honey Badger solar batteries.

 For that extra level of peace of mind, RedEarth provides continuous monitoring of your solar battery system from their Queensland headquarters.

ModnPods has partnered with another leading Australian-owned company, EcoFlo, to deck out our Zero Pods with top of the range waterless compost toilets and greywater systems designed to facilitate real low impact living.

EcoFlo’s compostable toilets require no plumbing, minimal ongoing maintenance and are extremely robust – they are built to last! Going waterless with your loo will yield nice cost savings in water consumption – great for the hip pocket and even better for the health of the planet.

We have coupled these compostable units with a complete water treatment and distribution system by EcoFlo that meets stringent council requirements. The system ensures the greywater you produce (household water from the kitchen, shower, sink and laundry) is handled effectively and delicately while also reducing the usage of the precious drinkable water harvested through your rainwater tank. 

Having a solid, reliable water treatment system not only gives you freedom from public utilities, it also ensures a healthy existence by safeguarding you from nasty water pollutants and toxins.

Not only is The Zero Pod zero dependent of the grid for power and water, it is zero exposure to nasty indoor toxins and pollutants.

Poor indoor temperatures, inferior air quality, and toxic, allergy-triggering materials can create the perfect breeding ground for sickness and poor mental health. That is why each of our Pods, including The Zero, are built with Passive House Standards in mind using the highest quality local materials while featuring a revolutionary Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system.

All of our painting and coatings are no VOC, carpets are 100% pure wool to aid allergy sufferers while all materials and surfaces have been selected to ensure easy cleaning creating a healthy, easily-maintained space.

We have also very carefully and purposely sourced a suite of products for all our pods that have been manufactured using recycled materials with some even having the magic properties to be completely recycled at the end of their life! At ModnPods it’s all about the cradle to grave life cycle of our pods.

ModnPods has surged ahead of the field and our competitors in the release of The Zero Pod as we make the dream of off grid living and working more accessible, affordable, healthier while of course always being aesthetically sleek in our design.

So, are you ready to disconnect? Reach out to the ModnPods team today and let us help you map out your path to having your own self-sufficient, off grid living or working oasis.