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Eco Pavilion Pod.


Welcome to the newest addition to Ingenia Holiday Parks.


Hi, we’re ModPods, Gold Coast-based leading innovators in healthy modular living and have partnered with Ingenia Holiday Parks to bring you a new standard of holiday living. So welcome to your new space for the next little while, we know you are going to love it here! And although on the surface it may appear like any other high-end modular home, the real beauty lies within its design. Let us take you on a little journey through your new holiday pod and get you acquainted…

Eco Pavilion Pod.

Standing bold at 8 metres x 4 metres. The Pods come with a full bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms and a full deck & awning. Each pod holds the capacity for 4 guests and with the added deck makes for a great entertaining location for a few beverages at sundown with your neighbours and friends!

It’s all in the design.

1. Architecturally Designed

The foundations of any great design lie in the ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics.

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and a background in Passive House building standards, the ModnPods team deliberated over every inch of the design to ensure that everything has purpose and place whilst also complimenting the natural landscape of the area they grace.

The luxury finish (of each Pod) matches the relaxed resort-style design that Ingenia is famous for. Designed to cater to a discerning customer who puts value in simple luxury living. Yes, that’s you!

2. Australian Made & Owned

Each ModnPod is architecturally designed and manufactured with the harsh Australian environment in mind and manufactured on the Gold Coast.

ModnPods design process factors in their goal to utilise this resource rich land we live in and as a result they currently use 90% Australian materials. This is something they are really proud of and are constantly trying to improve. Not only is this better for the planet (due to less travelled distance of raw material) but it also creates local jobs and fuels the Australian economy. We see this as the way moving forward for the future doing business in a more efficient & sustainable way.

3. ModnPods Commitment to Sustainability

ModnPod’s point of difference is that they use 90% Australian premium materials, with 70% of those materials fully recyclable at the end of their life.

ModnPods have six main criteria which they assess a product on to satisfy their definition of sustainable. ModnPods are constructed with the environment in mind. Their design philosophy is to assure that all materials are considered on the entirety of their lifecycle to ensure they are either recycled, recyclable or originate from renewable sources, and in accord with their sustainability principles.

4. Passive House – efficiencies like you’ve never seen before.

Each pod has Passive House design incorporated into the construction. For those of us not privy to the term, Passive House (or Passive Haus at its origin in Germany) is one of the highest standards in energy efficient construction. In a nutshell it correlates with ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy whilst creating healthy, comfortable living and working spaces. It’s the world’s leading building standard! ModnPods works hard on following the Passive House guidelines which are broken up into 5 key elements: quality glazing, thermal efficiency, air tightness, continuous insulation, and ventilation.

Click here to see all the incredible benefits with Passive House builds.

5. The Healthy Pods

Not only will guests be captivated with a new standard of healthy living but also be immersed in the opulent luxury style feel that is usually reserved for high-end resorts. Guests will experience a clean environment, a homely feel, and importantly, an authentic immersive experience with natural materials and finishes.

The integration of health centred design into each pod, means things like air purity, stable indoor temps, colour palate, and ambient lighting have all been thoughtfully optimised to ensure the healthiest stay for our guests. Down to the most minute details such as healthy paints (most paints contain toxic chemicals that can be volatile called VOCS) so you can rest easy knowing everything has been considered to ensure optimal health!

6. Cradle to Grave

Many products ModnPods have sourced have been manufactured using recycled materials and some even possess the properties to be completely recycled at the end of their life.

Advancements in manufacturing technologies has seen a wider range of these sustainable products become available here in Australia. An example of this healthier offering is the material used for the bench tops and shower lining which is made from 100% recycled glass with the capability of being fully recycled at the end of its life.

This is just another highlight of why ModnPods are leading the way in sustainable healthy living for Australian families.

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