The Backyard Studio Australia – A Guaranteed Game Changer

The backyard studio pod has changed the way we upgrade our backyards, giving Australian homeowners a cutting-edge, sustainable and hugely versatile tool to get creative with.

 Even as we grapple with a surge in population and high density living, the great Australian backyard hasn’t lost its charm – in fact now more than ever we’re daydreaming of stunning, lush and highly functional backyard spaces. 

backyard studio australia- Modnpods

Whether you enjoy the luxury of endless acreage or simply have a modest grassy patch to call your own, we Australians take great pride in our backyards.  

Those balmy summer BBQ nights entertaining friends, the high vibes of that classic game of backyard cricket, the energy of kids creating their own backyard wonderland or just soaking up the goodness of sundrenched winter days with a hot cuppa – it’s the quintessential Australian lifestyle.

backyard studio australia- Modnpods

Elevate Your Space With a Backyard Studio

Anyone with a backyard always has a backyard project brewing – it’s un-Australian not to! We’ve all been there, gazing out into our yard, our creativity swirling, losing ourselves to the backyard dream, to the possibilities.

It’s because we are lovers of the great outdoors. And our love affair with outdoor living, working and entertaining isn’t going away any time soon, it’s ingrained in our culture.

Maybe that dream is to execute a complete overhaul of your backyard space, or maybe your green thumb has already perfectly manicured a lush outdoor sanctuary and you’re just looking for that final touch.

What better way to elevate your space than with a ModnPod backyard studio to be used as a secondary dwelling, a guesthouse oasis for family and friends, a sleek home office or a vibey hobby studio.

backyard studio australia- Modnpods

At ModnPods we never pidgeon-hole the potential of a backyard. We embrace the infinite possibilities of a space and we see your backyard as your playground. We gift Australians the creative licence to shape their backyards to suit their lifestyle needs, then we bring that backyard studio vision to life.

With varying configurations, certified to Passive House Standards and crafted using only the highest-grade Australian materials, each ModnPod features an enviable interior fit-out with an open plan design complete with a stunning suite of upgrades to choose from.

A ModnPods backyard studio elevates your space both aesthetically with its sleek, sustainable design, and with its cutting-edge functionality in being able to transform and adapt to meet different personal tastes, needs and goals.

backyard studio australia- Modnpods

Keeping The Dream Alive

While Australia’s ever-growing move towards high-density living threatens to stifle the Australian dream of having uber functional, impressive and entertaining backyard spaces, ModnPods stands committed to keeping the dream alive.

As a society we are drawn to fuss-free, convenient and on-time home refurb projects. We love to support a home-grown business, to invest in a good quality, sustainable product, and we relish in the victory of scoring great value for money. This is exactly what ModnPods lives and breathes.

As we spend more time at home and increasingly seek out beautiful spaces to unwind and to escape life’s wild times, the rise in the backyard studio Australia couldn’t come at a better time. Reimagining and refreshing our backyard lifestyle lifts moods, connects us to nature, creates a sense of spaciousness and luxury, and ultimately boosts our quality of life and mental health.

Reach out to our team of experts today and begin the exciting and incredibly rewarding adventure of boosting your Aussie backyard game.