Housing Affordability Crisis for First-Home Buyers


Twenty Twenty One…Current world climate – Record-low interest rates, soaring house prices, rental shortages, stagnant wage increases and why not throw a world-wide virus in the mix (along with a host of conspiracy theories… but let’s save that for another time).

There’s no denying it, it’s a tough time for everyone at the moment but in particular, first-home buyers and young families who are wanting to get out of the rental trap and get a foot in the door of the property market. To say it is just out of reach would be a gross understatement. For better a word, unattainable.


According to realestate.com.au searches for properties for $1 million or more have more than doubled those searches for sub-$500,000 which highlights the massive jump that new buyers are now being forced to make to enter the market. Demonstrating that the middle of the market has all but dried up. You either a) dive headfirst into higher-than-planned debt and buy into the million dollar market, b) cross all your fingers and toes and hope to find something in the mid level $500k (that isn’t a complete dive), or c) look for realistic solutions that go against traditional real estate mind-set. We know, it all sounds doom and gloom so far, but read on because there is still hope!

Around the world the downsizing/tiny home movement is gaining rapid momentum as a viable solution to not only the housing shortage but also to the more debt averse Gen X, Z and Millenials who are maybe less inclined to get shackled by a large mortgage like their parents may have. The realisation that owning the massive home with the picket white fence might ultimately remain a pipe dream. Couple this tiny home movement with the Minimalism trend that is also on the rise, people want less space to clutter, they treasure only what they really need and use, and as a result the best part, less cleaning. So you could say its a win-win.

Enter ModnPods. Filling that lower end of the market with an affordable premium solution. But don’t be disillusioned, in the past there has been a stigma around modular/container homes being cheap and nasty. And yes that is still often the case and this is where ModnPods saw an opportunity. ModnPods on the other hand present a stylish, functional and architecturally designed pod range that are not only beautifully crafted but also cutting edge with their features and design. The pod’s are the healthiest living spaces available on the market and meet the extremely rigorous Passive House Standards (its basically a fancy German certification that means the pods are healthy and energy efficient).


ModnPods entry level pod comes in at just under $50k fitted and installed (including council approvals if you are within 150km of our HQ on the Gold Coast) making them very affordable for first home buyers as either a short-term option whilst you save for a house or alternatively, as a long-term option, trust us once you realise the amazing living spaces these pods provide you won’t want to move out. So for the cost of pretty much a house deposit you could have an entire liveable space for you and your family. Now you’ve just got to find the land!

At ModnPods we are always excited to provide our customers with a premium option whilst always doing our best to work within budgets to ensure we find the best possible solution for the customers needs. So please feel free to touch base with us today.

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